COIN: A Large-Scale Dataset for Comprehensive Instructional Video Analysis

Yansong Tang, Dajun Ding, Yongming Rao, Yu Zheng, Danyang Zhang, Lili Zhao, Jiwen Lu, Jie Zhou; The IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2019, pp. 1207-1216


There are substantial instruction videos on the Internet, which enables us to acquire knowledge for completing various tasks. However, most existing datasets for instruction video analysis have the limitations in diversity and scale, which makes them far from many real-world applications where more diverse activities occur. Moreover, it still remains a great challenge to organize and harness such data. To address these problems, we introduce a large-scale dataset called "COIN" for COmprehensive INstruction video analysis. Organized with a hierarchical structure, the COIN dataset contains 11,827 videos of 180 tasks in 12 domains (e.g., vehicles, gadgets, etc.) related to our daily life. With a new developed toolbox, all the videos are annotated effectively with a series of step descriptions and the corresponding temporal boundaries. Furthermore, we propose a simple yet effective method to capture the dependencies among different steps, which can be easily plugged into conventional proposal-based action detection methods for localizing important steps in instruction videos. In order to provide a benchmark for instruction video analysis, we evaluate plenty of approaches on the COIN dataset under different evaluation criteria. We expect the introduction of the COIN dataset will promote the future in-depth research on instruction video analysis for the community.

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