M3D-RPN: Monocular 3D Region Proposal Network for Object Detection

Garrick Brazil, Xiaoming Liu; The IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2019, pp. 9287-9296


Understanding the world in 3D is a critical component of urban autonomous driving. Generally, the combination of expensive LiDAR sensors and stereo RGB imaging has been paramount for successful 3D object detection algorithms, whereas monocular image-only methods experience drastically reduced performance. We propose to reduce the gap by reformulating the monocular 3D detection problem as a standalone 3D region proposal network. We leverage the geometric relationship of 2D and 3D perspectives, allowing 3D boxes to utilize well-known and powerful convolutional features generated in the image-space. To help address the strenuous 3D parameter estimations, we further design depth-aware convolutional layers which enable location specific feature development and in consequence improved 3D scene understanding. Compared to prior work in monocular 3D detection, our method consists of only the proposed 3D region proposal network rather than relying on external networks, data, or multiple stages. M3D-RPN is able to significantly improve the performance of both monocular 3D Object Detection and Bird's Eye View tasks within the KITTI urban autonomous driving dataset, while efficiently using a shared multi-class model.

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