Once a MAN: Towards Multi-Target Attack via Learning Multi-Target Adversarial Network Once

Jiangfan Han, Xiaoyi Dong, Ruimao Zhang, Dongdong Chen, Weiming Zhang, Nenghai Yu, Ping Luo, Xiaogang Wang; The IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2019, pp. 5158-5167


Modern deep neural networks are often vulnerable to adversarial samples. Based on the first optimization-based attacking method, many following methods are proposed to improve the attacking performance and speed. Recently, generation-based methods have received much attention since they directly use feed-forward networks to generate the adversarial samples, which avoid the time-consuming iterative attacking procedure in optimization-based and gradient-based methods. However, current generation-based methods are only able to attack one specific target (category) within one model, thus making them not applicable to real classification systems that often have hundreds/thousands of categories. In this paper, we propose the first Multi-target Adversarial Network (MAN), which can generate multi-target adversarial samples with a single model. By incorporating the specified category information into the intermediate features, it can attack any category of the target classification model during runtime. Experiments show that the proposed MAN can produce stronger attack results and also have better transferability than previous state-of-the-art methods in both multi-target attack task and single-target attack task. We further use the adversarial samples generated by our MAN to improve the robustness of the classification model. It can also achieve better classification accuracy than other methods when attacked by various methods.

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