Localization of Deep Inpainting Using High-Pass Fully Convolutional Network

Haodong Li, Jiwu Huang; The IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2019, pp. 8301-8310


Image inpainting has been substantially improved with deep learning in the past years. Deep inpainting can fill image regions with plausible contents, which are not visually apparent. Although inpainting is originally designed to repair images, it can even be used for malicious manipulations, e.g., removal of specific objects. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the presence of inpainting in an image. This paper presents a method to locate the regions manipulated by deep inpainting. The proposed method employs a fully convolutional network that is based on high-pass filtered image residuals. Firstly, we analyze and observe that the inpainted regions are more distinguishable from the untouched ones in the residual domain. Hence, a high-pass pre-filtering module is designed to get image residuals for enhancing inpainting traces. Then, a feature extraction module, which learns discriminative features from image residuals, is built with four concatenated ResNet blocks. The learned feature maps are finally enlarged by an up-sampling module, so that a pixel-wise inpainting localization map is obtained. The whole network is trained end-to-end with a loss addressing the class imbalance. Extensive experimental results evaluated on both synthetic and realistic images subjected to deep inpainting have shown the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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