Sample and Filter: Nonparametric Scene Parsing via Efficient Filtering

Mohammad Najafi, Sarah Taghavi Namin, Mathieu Salzmann, Lars Petersson; The IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2016, pp. 607-615


Scene parsing has attracted a lot of attention in computer vision. While parametric models have proven effective for this task, they cannot easily incorporate new training data. By contrast, nonparametric approaches, which bypass any learning phase and directly transfer the labels from the training data to the query images, can readily exploit new labeled samples as they become available. Unfortunately, because of the computational cost of their label transfer procedures, state-of-the-art nonparametric methods typically filter out most training images to only keep a few relevant ones to label the query. As such, these methods throw away many images that still contain valuable information and generally obtain an unbalanced set of labeled samples. In this paper, we introduce a nonparametric approach to scene parsing that follows a sample-and-filter strategy. More specifically, we propose to sample labeled superpixels according to an image similarity score, which allows us to obtain a balanced set of samples. We then formulate label transfer as an efficient filtering procedure, which lets us exploit more labeled samples than existing techniques. Our experiments evidence the benefits of our approach over state-of-the-art nonparametric methods on two benchmark datasets.

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