Deep Matching Prior Network: Toward Tighter Multi-Oriented Text Detection

Yuliang Liu, Lianwen Jin; The IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2017, pp. 1962-1969


Detecting incidental scene text is a challenging task because of multi-orientation, perspective distortion, and variation of text size, color and scale. Retrospective research has only focused on using rectangular bounding box or horizontal sliding window to localize text, which may result in redundant background noise, unnecessary overlap or even information loss. To address these issues, we propose a new Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) based method, named Deep Matching Prior Network (DMPNet), to detect text with tighter quadrangle. First, we use quadrilateral sliding windows in several specific intermediate convolutional layers to roughly recall the text with higher overlapping area and then a shared Monte-Carlo method is proposed for fast and accurate computing of the polygonal areas. After that, we designed a sequential protocol for relative regression which can exactly predict text with compact quadrangle. Moreover, a auxiliary smooth Ln loss is also proposed for further regressing the position of text, which has better overall performance than L2 loss and smooth L1 loss in terms of robustness and stability. The effectiveness of our approach is evaluated on a public word-level, multi-oriented scene text database, ICDAR 2015 Robust Reading Competition Challenge 4 "Incidental scene text localization". The performance of our method is evaluated by using F-measure and found to be 70.64%, outperforming the existing state-of-the-art method with F-measure 63.76%.

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