Detecting Avocados to Zucchinis: What Have We Done, and Where Are We Going?

Olga Russakovsky, Jia Deng, Zhiheng Huang, Alexander C. Berg, Li Fei-Fei; The IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2013, pp. 2064-2071


The growth of detection datasets and the multiple directions of object detection research provide both an unprecedented need and a great opportunity for a thorough evaluation of the current state of the field of categorical object detection. In this paper we strive to answer two key questions. First, where are we currently as a field: what have we done right, what still needs to be improved? Second, where should we be going in designing the next generation of object detectors? Inspired by the recent work of Hoiem et al. [10] on the standard PASCAL VOC detection dataset, we perform a large-scale study on the ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (ILSVRC) data. First, we quantitatively demonstrate that this dataset provides many of the same detection challenges as the PASCAL VOC. Due to its scale of 1000 object categories, ILSVRC also provides an excellent testbed for understanding the performance of detectors as a function of several key properties of the object classes. We conduct a series of analyses looking at how different detection methods perform on a number of imagelevel and object-class-level properties such as texture, color, deformation, and clutter. We learn important lessons of the current object detection methods and propose a number of insights for designing the next generation object detectors.

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