Enhancing Road Maps by Parsing Aerial Images Around the World

Gellert Mattyus, Shenlong Wang, Sanja Fidler, Raquel Urtasun; The IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2015, pp. 1689-1697


In recent years, contextual models that exploit maps have been shown to be very effective for many recognition and localization tasks. In this paper we propose to exploit aerial images in order to enhance freely available world maps. Towards this goal, we make use of OpenStreetMap and formulate the problem as the one of inference in a Markov random field parameterized in terms of the location of the road-segment centerlines as well as their width. This parameterization enables very efficient inference and returns only topologically correct roads. In particular, we can segment all OSM roads in the whole world in a single day using a small cluster of 10 computers. Importantly, our approach generalizes very well; it can be trained using only 1.5 km2 aerial imagery and produce very accurate results in any location across the globe. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach outperforming the state-of-the-art in two new benchmarks that we collect. We then show how our enhanced maps are beneficial for semantic segmentation of ground images.

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