Parallel Tracking and Verifying: A Framework for Real-Time and High Accuracy Visual Tracking

Heng Fan, Haibin Ling; The IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2017, pp. 5486-5494


Being intensively studied, visual tracking has seen great recent advances in either speed (e.g., with correlation filters) or accuracy (e.g., with deep features). Real-time and high accuracy tracking algorithms, however, remain scarce. In this paper we study the problem from a new perspective and present a novel parallel tracking and verifying (PTAV) framework, by taking advantage of the ubiquity of multi-thread techniques and borrowing from the success of parallel tracking and mapping in visual SLAM. Our PTAV framework typically consists of two components, a tracker T and a verifier V, working in parallel on two separate threads. The tracker T aims to provide a super real-time tracking inference and is expected to perform well most of the time; by contrast, the verifier V checks the tracking results and corrects T when needed. The key innovation is that, V does not work on every frame but only upon the requests from T; on the other end, T may adjust the tracking according to the feedback from V. With such collaboration, PTAV enjoys both the high efficiency provided by T and the strong discriminative power by V. In our extensive experiments on popular benchmarks including OTB2013, OTB2015, TC128 and UAV20L, PTAV achieves the best tracking accuracy among all real-time trackers, and in fact performs even better than many deep learning based solutions. Moreover, as a general framework, PTAV is very flexible and has great rooms for improvement and generalization.

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