CVPR 2018 Workshops, Salt Lake City Utah

Disguised Faces in the Wild

NVIDIA AI City Challenge

DeepGlobe: A Challenge for Parsing the Earth through Satellite Images

Visual Understanding of Humans in Crowd Scene and Look Into Person Challenge

Deep Learning for Visual SLAM

Diff-CVML: Differential Geometry in Computer Vision and Machine Learning


Embedded Vision

New Trends in Image Restoration and Enhancement

Autonomous Driving

Human Pose, Motion, Activities and Shape in 3D

Brave New Ideas for Video Understanding

Perception Beyond the Visible Spectrum

Computer Vision for Physiological Measurement

Automated Analysis of Marine Video for Environmental Monitoring

Joint Detection, Tracking, and Prediction in the Wild

Visual Odometry and Computer Vision Applications Based on Location Clues

Bright and Dark Sides of Computer Vision: Challenges and Opportunities for Privacy and Security

Efficient Deep Learning for Computer Vision

Computer Vision in Sports

Computational Cameras and Displays

Women in Computer Vision

Mutual Benefits of Cognitive and Computer Vision: How Can We Use One to Understand the Other?

Real World Challenges and New Benchmarks for Deep Learning in Robotic Vision

Analysis and Modeling of Faces and Gestures

Vision With Biased or Scarce Data

Computer Vision for Microscopy Image Analysis

Computational Models for Learning Systems and Educational Assessment

Visual Understanding of Subjective Attributes of Data

Sight and Sound

Workshop and Challenge on Learned Image Compression