AFN: Attentional Feedback Network based 3D Terrain Super-Resolution

Ashish Kubade, Diptiben Patel, Avinash Sharma, K. S. Rajan; Proceedings of the Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV), 2020


Terrain, representing features of an earth surface, plays a crucial role in many applications such as simulations, route planning, analysis of surface dynamics, computer graphics-based games, entertainment, films, to name a few. With recent advancements in digital technology, these applications demand the presence of high resolution details in the terrain. In this paper, we propose a novel fully convolutional neural network based super-resolution architecture to increase the resolution of low-resolution Digital Elevation Model (LRDEM) with the help of information extracted from the corresponding aerial image as a complementary modality. We perform the super-resolution of LRDEM using an attention based feedback mechanism named 'Attentional Feedback Network' (AFN), which selectively fuses the information from LRDEM and aerial image to enhance and infuse the high-frequency features and to produce the terrain realistically . We compare the proposed architecture with existing state-of-the-art DEM super-resolution methods and show that the proposed architecture outperforms enhancing the resolution of input LRDEM accurately and in a realistic manner.

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