FAN: Feature Adaptation Network for Surveillance Face Recognition and Normalization

Xi Yin, Ying Tai, Yuge Huang, Xiaoming Liu; Proceedings of the Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV), 2020


This paper studies face recognition (FR) and normalization in surveillance imagery. Surveillance FR is a challenging problem that has great values in law enforcement. Despite recent progress in conventional FR, less effort has been devoted to surveillance FR. To bridge this gap, we propose a Feature Adaptation Network (FAN) to jointly perform surveillance FR and normalization. Our face normalization mainly acts on the aspect of image resolution, closely related to face super-resolution. However, previous face super-resolution methods require paired training data with pixel-to-pixel correspondence, which is typically unavailable between real-world low-resolution and high-resolution faces. FAN can leverage both paired and unpaired data as we disentangle the features into identity and non-identity components and adapt the distribution of the identity features, which breaks the limit of current face super-resolution methods. We further propose a random scale augmentation scheme to learn resolution robust identity features, with advantages over previous fixed scale augmentation. Extensive experiments on LFW, WIDER FACE, QUML-SurvFace and SCface datasets have shown the effectiveness of our method on surveillance FR and normalization.

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