Adversarial Image Composition with Auxiliary Illumination

Fangneng Zhan, Shijian Lu, Changgong Zhang, Feiying Ma, Xuansong Xie; Proceedings of the Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV), 2020


Dealing with the inconsistency between a foreground object and a background image is a challenging task in high-fidelity image composition. State-of-the-art methods strive to harmonize the composed image by adapting the style of foreground objects to be compatible with the background image, whereas the potential shadow of foreground objects within the composed image which is critical to the composition realism is largely neglected. In this paper, we propose an Adversarial Image Composition Net (AIC-Net) that achieves realistic image composition by considering potential shadows that the foreground object projects in the composed image. A novel branched generation mechanism is proposed, which disentangles the generation of shadows and the transfer of foreground styles for optimal accomplishment of the two tasks simultaneously. A differentiable spatial transformation module is designed which bridges the local harmonization and the global harmonization to achieve their joint optimization effectively. Extensive experiments on pedestrian and car composition tasks show that the proposed AIC-Net achieves superior composition performance qualitatively and quantitatively.

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