GaitStrip: Gait Recognition via Effective Strip-based Feature Representations and Multi-Level Framework

Ming Wang, Beibei Lin, Xianda Guo, Lincheng Li, Zheng Zhu, Jiande Sun, Shunli Zhang, Yu Liu, Xin Yu; Proceedings of the Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV), 2022, pp. 536-551


Many gait recognition methods first partition the human gait into N-parts and then combine them to establish part-based feature representations. Their gait recognition performance is often affected by partitioning strategies, which are empirically chosen in different datasets. However, we observe that strips as the basic component of parts are agnostic against different partitioning strategies. Motivated by this observation, we present a strip-based multi-level gait recognition network, named GaitStrip, to extract comprehensive gait information at different levels. To be specific, our high-level branch explores the context of gait sequences and our low-level one focuses on detailed posture changes. We introduce a novel StriP-Based feature extractor (SPB) to learn the strip-based feature representations by directly taking each strip of the human body as the basic unit. Moreover, we propose a novel multi-branch structure, called Enhanced Convolution Module (ECM), to extract different representations of gaits. ECM consists of the Spatial-Temporal feature extractor (ST), the Frame-Level feature extractor (FL) and SPB, and has two obvious advantages: First, each branch focuses on a specific representation, which can be used to improve the robustness of the network. Specifically, ST aims to extract spatial-temporal features of gait sequences, while FL is used to generate the feature representation of each frame. Second, the parameters of the ECM can be reduced in test by introducing a structural re-parameterization technique. Extensive experimental results demonstrate that our GaitStrip achieves state-of-the-art performance in both normal walking and complex conditions. The source code is published at

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