Adaptive Image Transformer for One-Shot Object Detection

Ding-Jie Chen, He-Yen Hsieh, Tyng-Luh Liu; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2021, pp. 12247-12256


One-shot object detection tackles a challenging task that aims at identifying within a target image all object instances of the same class, implied by a query image patch. The main difficulty lies in the situation that the class label of the query patch and its respective examples are not available in the training data. Our main idea leverages the concept of language translation to boost metric-learning-based detection methods. Specifically, we emulate the language translation process to adaptively translate the feature of each object proposal to better correlate the given query feature for discriminating the class-similarity among the proposal-query pairs. To this end, we propose the Adaptive Image Transformer (AIT) module that deploys an attention-based encoder-decoder architecture to simultaneously explore intra-coder and inter-coder (i.e., each proposal-query pair) attention. The adaptive nature of our design turns out to be flexible and effective in addressing the one-shot learning scenario. With the informative attention cues, the proposed model excels in predicting the class-similarity between the target image proposals and the query image patch. Though conceptually simple, our model significantly outperforms a state-of-the-art technique, improving the unseen-class object classification from 63.8 mAP and 22.0 AP50 to 72.2 mAP and 24.3 AP50 on the PASCAL-VOC and MS-COCO benchmark datasets, respectively.

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