ACTION-Net: Multipath Excitation for Action Recognition

Zhengwei Wang, Qi She, Aljosa Smolic; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2021, pp. 13214-13223


Spatial-temporal, channel-wise, and motion patterns are three complementary and crucial types of information for video action recognition. Conventional 2D CNNs are computationally cheap but cannot catch temporal relationships; 3D CNNs can achieve good performance but are computationally intensive. In this work, we tackle this dilemma by designing a generic and effective module that can be embedded into 2D CNNs. To this end, we propose a spAtio-temporal, Channel and moTion excitatION (ACTION) module consisting of three paths: Spatio-Temporal Excitation (STE) path, Channel Excitation (CE) path, and Motion Excitation (ME) path. The STE path employs one channel 3D convolution to characterize spatio-temporal representation. The CE path adaptively recalibrates channel-wise feature responses by explicitly modeling interdependencies between channels in terms of the temporal aspect. The ME path calculates feature-level temporal differences, which is then utilized to excite motion-sensitive channels. We equip 2D CNNs with the proposed ACTION module to form a simple yet effective ACTION-Net with very limited extra computational cost. ACTION-Net is demonstrated by consistently outperforming 2D CNN counterparts on three backbones (i.e., ResNet-50, MobileNet V2 and BNInception) employing three datasets (i.e., Something-Something V2, Jester, and EgoGesture). Code is provided at

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