FAIEr: Fidelity and Adequacy Ensured Image Caption Evaluation

Sijin Wang, Ziwei Yao, Ruiping Wang, Zhongqin Wu, Xilin Chen; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2021, pp. 14050-14059


Image caption evaluation is a crucial task, which involves the semantic perception and matching of image and text. Good evaluation metrics aim to be fair, comprehensive, and consistent with human judge intentions. When humans evaluate a caption, they usually consider multiple aspects, such as whether it is related to the target image without distortion, how much image gist it conveys, as well as how fluent and beautiful the language and wording is. The above three different evaluation orientations can be summarized as fidelity, adequacy, and fluency. The former two rely on the image content, while fluency is purely related to linguistics and more subjective. Inspired by human judges, we propose a learning-based metric named FAIEr to ensure evaluating the fidelity and adequacy of the captions. Since image captioning involves two different modalities, we employ the scene graph as a bridge between them to represent both images and captions. FAIEr mainly regards the visual scene graph as the criterion to measure the fidelity. Then for evaluating the adequacy of the candidate caption, it highlights the image gist on the visual scene graph under the guidance of the reference captions. Comprehensive experimental results show that FAIEr has high consistency with human judgment as well as high stability, low reference dependency, and the capability of reference-free evaluation.

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