Salient-to-Broad Transition for Video Person Re-Identification

Shutao Bai, Bingpeng Ma, Hong Chang, Rui Huang, Xilin Chen; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2022, pp. 7339-7348


Due to the limited utilization of temporal relations in video re-id, the frame-level attention regions of mainstream methods are partial and highly similar. To address this problem, we propose a Salient-to-Broad Module (SBM) to enlarge the attention regions gradually. Specifically, in SBM, while the previous frames have focused on the most salient regions, the later frames tend to focus on broader regions. In this way, the additional information in broad regions can supplement salient regions, incurring more powerful video-level representations. To further improve SBM, an Integration-and-Distribution Module (IDM) is introduced to enhance frame-level representations. IDM first integrates features from the entire feature space and then distributes the integrated features to each spatial location. SBM and IDM are mutually beneficial since they enhance the representations from video-level and framelevel, respectively. Extensive experiments on four prevalent benchmarks demonstrate the effectiveness and superiority of our method. The source code is available at

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