Depth-Guided Sparse Structure-From-Motion for Movies and TV Shows

Sheng Liu, Xiaohan Nie, Raffay Hamid; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2022, pp. 15980-15989


Existing approaches for Structure from Motion (SfM) produce impressive 3D reconstruction results especially when using imagery captured with large parallax. However, to create engaging video-content in movies and TV shows, the amount by which a camera can be moved while filming a particular shot is often limited. The resulting small-motion parallax between video frames makes standard geometry-based SfM approaches not as effective for movies and TV shows. To address this challenge, we propose a simple yet effective approach that uses single-frame depth-prior obtained from a pretrained network to significantly improve geometry-based SfM for our small-parallax setting. To this end, we first use the depth-estimates of the detected keypoints to reconstruct the point cloud and camera-pose for initial two-view reconstruction. We then perform depth-regularized optimization to register new images and triangulate the new points during incremental reconstruction. To comprehensively evaluate our approach, we introduce a new dataset (StudioSfM) consisting of 130 shots with 21K frames from 15 studio-produced videos that are manually annotated by a professional CG studio. We demonstrate that our approach: (a) significantly improves the quality of 3D reconstruction for our small-parallax setting, (b) does not cause any degradation for data with large-parallax, and (c) maintains the generalizability and scalability of geometry-based sparse SfM. Our dataset can be obtained at

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