3D Human Tongue Reconstruction From Single "In-the-Wild" Images

Stylianos Ploumpis, Stylianos Moschoglou, Vasileios Triantafyllou, Stefanos Zafeiriou; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2022, pp. 2771-2780


3D face reconstruction from a single image is a task that has garnered increased interest in the Computer Vision community, especially due to its broad use in a number of applications such as realistic 3D avatar creation, pose invariant face recognition and face hallucination. Since the introduction of the 3D Morphable Model in the late 90's, we witnessed an explosion of research aiming at particularly tackling this task. Nevertheless, despite the increasing level of detail in the 3D face reconstructions from single images mainly attributed to deep learning advances, finer and highly deformable components of the face such as the tongue are still absent from all 3D face models in the literature, although being very important for the realness of the 3D avatar representations. In this work we present the first, to the best of our knowledge, end-to-end trainable pipeline that accurately reconstructs the 3D face together with the tongue. Moreover, we make this pipeline robust in "in-the-wild" images by introducing a novel GAN method tailored for 3D tongue surface generation. Finally, we make publicly available to the community the first diverse tongue dataset, consisting of 1,800 raw scans of 700 individuals varying in gender, age, and ethnicity backgrounds. As we demonstrate in an extensive series of quantitative as well as qualitative experiments, our model proves to be robust and realistically captures the 3D tongue structure, even in adverse "in-the-wild" conditions.

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