Towards Low-Cost and Efficient Malaria Detection

Waqas Sultani, Wajahat Nawaz, Syed Javed, Muhammad Sohail Danish, Asma Saadia, Mohsen Ali; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2022, pp. 20687-20696


Malaria, a fatal but curable disease claims hundreds of thousands of lives every year. Early and correct diagnosis is vital to avoid health complexities, however, it depends upon the availability of costly microscopes and trained experts to analyze blood-smear slides. Deep learning-based methods have the potential to not only decrease the burden of experts but also improve diagnostic accuracy on low-cost microscopes. However, this is hampered by the absence of a reasonable size dataset. One of the most challenging aspects is the reluctance of the experts to annotate the dataset at low magnification on low-cost microscopes. We present a dataset to further the research on malaria microscopy over the low-cost microscopes at low magnification. Our large-scale dataset consists of images of blood-smear slides from several malaria-infected patients, collected through microscopes at two different cost spectrums and multiple magnifications. Malarial cells are annotated for the localization and life-stage classification task on the images collected through the high-cost microscope at high magnification. We design a mechanism to transfer these annotations from the high-cost microscope at high magnification to the low-cost microscope, at multiple magnifications. Multiple object detectors and domain adaptation methods are presented as the baselines. Furthermore, a partially supervised domain adaptation method is introduced to adapt the object-detector to work on the images collected from the low-cost microscope. The dataset and benchmark models will be made publicly available.

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