Vicinal Counting Networks

Viresh Ranjan, Minh Hoai; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshops, 2022, pp. 4221-4230


We tackle the task of Few-Shot Counting. Given an image containing multiple objects of a novel visual category and few exemplar bounding boxes depicting the visual category of interest, we want to count all of the instances of the desired visual category in the image. A key challenge in building an accurate few-shot visual counter is the scarcity of annotated training data due to the laborious effort needed for collecting and annotating the data. To address this challenge, we propose Vicinal Counting Networks, which learn to augment the existing training data along with learning to count. A Vicinal Counting Network consists of a generator and a counting network. The generator takes as input an image along with a random noise vector and generates an augmented version of the input image. The counting network learns to count the objects in the original and augmented images. The training signal for the generator comes from the counting loss of the counting network, and the generator aims to synthesize images which result in a small counting loss. Unlike GANs which are trained in an adversarial setting, Vicinal Counting Networks are trained in a cooperative setting where the generator aims to help the counting network in achieving accurate predictions on the synthesized images. We also show that our proposed data augmentation framework can be extended to other counting tasks like crowd counting.

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