Semantic Segmentation for Thermal Images: A Comparative Survey

Zülfiye Kütük, Görkem Algan; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshops, 2022, pp. 286-295


Semantic segmentation is a challenging task since it requires excessively more low-level spatial information of the image compared to other computer vision problems. The accuracy of pixel-level classification can be affected by many factors, such as imaging limitations and the ambiguity of object boundaries in an image. Conventional methods exploit three-channel RGB images captured in the visible spectrum with deep neural networks (DNN). Thermal images can significantly contribute during the segmentation since thermal imaging cameras are capable of capturing details despite the weather and illumination conditions. Using infrared spectrum in semantic segmentation has many real-world use cases, such as autonomous driving, medical imaging, agriculture, defense industry, etc. Due to this wide range of use cases, designing accurate semantic segmentation algorithms with the help of infrared spectrum is an important challenge. One approach is to use both visible and infrared spectrum images as inputs. These methods can accomplish higher accuracy due to enriched input information, with the cost of extra effort for the alignment and processing of multiple inputs. Another approach is to use only thermal images, enabling less hardware cost for smaller use cases. Even though there are multiple surveys on semantic segmentation methods, the literature lacks a comprehensive survey centered explicitly around semantic segmentation using infrared spectrum. This work aims to fill this gap by presenting algorithms in the literature and categorizing them by their input images.

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