An Effective Crop-Paste Pipeline for Few-Shot Object Detection

Shaobo Lin, Kun Wang, Xingyu Zeng, Rui Zhao; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshops, 2023, pp. 4820-4828


Few-shot object detection (FSOD) aims to expand an object detector for novel categories given only a few instances for training. However, detecting novel categories with only a few samples usually leads to the problem of misclassification. In FSOD, we notice the false positive (FP) of novel categories is prominent, in which the base categories are often recognized as novel ones. To address this issue, a novel data augmentation pipeline that Crops the Novel instances and Pastes them on the selected Base images, called CNPB, is proposed. There are two key questions to be answered: (1) How to select useful base images? and (2) How to combine novel and base data? We design a multi-step selection strategy to find useful base data. Specifically, we first discover the base images which contain the FP of novel categories and select a certain amount of samples from them for the base and novel categories balance. Then the bad cases, such as the base images that have unlabeled ground truth or easily confused base instances, are removed by using CLIP. Finally, the same category strategy is adopted, in which a novel instance with category n is pasted on the base image with the FP of n. During combination, a novel instance is cropped and randomly down-sized, and thus pasted at the assigned optimal location from the randomly generated candidates in a selected base image. Our method is simple yet effective and can be easy to plug into existing FSOD methods, demonstrating significant potential for use. Extensive experiments on PASCAL VOC and MS COCO validate the effectiveness of our method.

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