DOAD: Decoupled One Stage Action Detection Network

Shuning Chang, Pichao Wang, Fan Wang, Jiashi Feng, Mike Zheng Shou; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshops, 2023, pp. 3123-3132


Localizing people and recognizing their actions from videos is a challenging task towards high-level video understanding. Existing methods are mostly two-stage based, with one stage for person bounding box generation and the other stage for action recognition. However, such two-stage methods are generally with low efficiency. We observe that directly unifying detection and action recognition normally suffers from (i) inferior learning due to different desired properties of context representation for detection and action recognition; (ii) optimization difficulty with insufficient training data. In this work, we present a decoupled one-stage network dubbed DOAD, to mitigate above issues and improve the efficiency for spatio-temporal action detection. To achieve it, we decouple detection and action recognition into two branches. Specifically, one branch focuses on detection representation for actor detection, and the other one for action recognition. For the action branch, we design a transformer-based module (TransPC) to model pairwise relationships between people and context. Different from commonly used vector-based dot product in self-attention, it is built upon a novel matrix-based key and value for Hadamard attention to model person-context information. It not only exploits relationships between person pairs but also takes into account context and relative position information. The results on AVA and UCF101-24 datasets show that our method is competitive with two-stage state-of-the-art methods with significant efficiency improvement.

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