The Second Monocular Depth Estimation Challenge

Jaime Spencer, C. Stella Qian, Michaela Trescakova, Chris Russell, Simon Hadfield, Erich W. Graf, Wendy J. Adams, Andrew J. Schofield, James Elder, Richard Bowden, Ali Anwar, Hao Chen, Xiaozhi Chen, Kai Cheng, Yuchao Dai, Huynh Thai Hoa, Sadat Hossain, Jianmian Huang, Mohan Jing, Bo Li, Chao Li, Baojun Li, Zhiwen Liu, Stefano Mattoccia, Siegfried Mercelis, Myungwoo Nam, Matteo Poggi, Xiaohua Qi, Jiahui Ren, Yang Tang, Fabio Tosi, Linh Trinh, S. M. Nadim Uddin, Khan Muhammad Umair, Kaixuan Wang, Yufei Wang, Yixing Wang, Mochu Xiang, Guangkai Xu, Wei Yin, Jun Yu, Qi Zhang, Chaoqiang Zhao; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshops, 2023, pp. 3064-3076


This paper discusses the results for the second edition of the Monocular Depth Estimation Challenge (MDEC). This edition was open to methods using any form of supervision, including fully-supervised, self-supervised, multi-task or proxy depth. The challenge was based around the SYNS-Patches dataset, which features a wide diversity of environments with high-quality dense ground-truth. This includes complex natural environments, e.g. forests or fields, which are greatly underrepresented in current benchmarks. The challenge received eight unique submissions that outperformed the provided SotA baseline on any of the pointcloud- or image-based metrics. The top supervised submission improved relative F-Score by 27.62%, while the top self-supervised improved it by 16.61%. Supervised submissions generally leveraged large collections of datasets to improve data diversity. Self-supervised submissions instead updated the network architecture and pretrained backbones. These results represent a significant progress in the field, while highlighting avenues for future research, such as reducing interpolation artifacts at depth boundaries, improving self-supervised indoor performance and overall natural image accuracy.

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