A Data-Centric Solution to NonHomogeneous Dehazing via Vision Transformer

Yangyi Liu, Huan Liu, Liangyan Li, Zijun Wu, Jun Chen; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshops, 2023, pp. 1406-1415


Recent years have witnessed an increased interest in image dehazing. Many deep learning methods have been proposed to tackle this challenge, and have made significant accomplishments dealing with homogeneous haze. However, these solutions cannot maintain comparable performance when they are applied to images with non-homogeneous haze, e.g., NH-HAZE23 dataset introduced by NTIRE challenges. One of the reasons for such failures is that non-homogeneous haze does not obey one of the assumptions that is required for modeling homogeneous haze. In addition, a large number of pairs of non-homogeneous hazy image and the clean counterpart is required using traditional end-to-end training approaches, while NH-HAZE23 dataset is of limited quantities. Although it is possible to augment the NH-HAZE23 dataset by leveraging other non-homogeneous dehazing datasets, we observe that it is necessary to design a proper data-preprocessing approach that reduces the distribution gaps between the target dataset and the augmented one. This finding indeed aligns with the essence of data-centric AI. With a novel network architecture and a principled data- preprocessing approach that systematically enhances data quality, we present an innovative dehazing method. Specifically, we apply RGB-channel-wise transformations on the augmented datasets, and incorporate the state-of-the-art transformers as the backbone in the two-branch framework. We conduct extensive experiments and ablation study to demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed method.

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