NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Night Photography Rendering

Alina Shutova, Egor Ershov, Georgy Perevozchikov, Ivan Ermakov, Nikola Banić, Radu Timofte, Richard Collins, Maria Efimova, Arseniy Terekhin, Simone Zini, Claudio Rota, Marco Buzzelli, Simone Bianco, Raimondo Schettini, Chunxia Lei, Tingniao Wang, Song Wang, Shuai Liu, Chaoyu Feng, Guangqi Shao, Hao Wang, Xiaotao Wang, Lei Lei, Lu Xu, Chao Zhang, Yasi Wang, Jin Guo, Yangfan Sun, Tianli Liu, Dejun Hao, Furkan Kınlı, Barıș Özcan, Furkan Kıraç, Hyerin Chung, Nakyung Lee, Sung Keun Kwak, Marcos Conde, Tim Seizinger, Florin Vasluianu, Omar Elezabi, Chia-Hsuan Hsieh, Wei-Ting Chen, Hao-Hsiang Yang, Zhi-Kai Huang, Hua-En Chang, I-Hsiang Chen, Yi-Chung Chen, Yuan-Chun Chiang; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshops, 2023, pp. 1982-1993


This paper presents a review of the NTIRE 2023 challenge on night photography rendering. The goal of the challenge was to find solutions that process raw camera images taken in nighttime conditions conditions, and thereby produce a photo-quality output images in the standard RGB (sRGB) space. Unlike the previous year's competition, participants were not provided with a large training dataset for the target sensor. Instead, this time they were given images of a color checker illuminated by a known light source. To evaluate the results, a sufficient number of viewers were asked to assess the visual quality of the proposed solutions, considering the subjective nature of the task. The highest ranking solutions were further ranked by Richard Collins, a renowned photographer. The top ranking participants' solutions effectively represent the state-of-the-art in nighttime photography rendering. More results can be found at https://nightimaging.org/

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