Clothing Status Awareness for Long-Term Person Re-Identification

Yan Huang, Qiang Wu, JingSong Xu, Yi Zhong, ZhaoXiang Zhang; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2021, pp. 11895-11904


Long-Term person re-identification (LT-reID) exposes extreme challenges because of the longer time gaps between two recording footages where a person is likely to change clothing. There are two types of approaches for LT-reID: biometrics-based approach and data adaptation based approach. The former one is to seek clothing irrelevant biometric features. However, seeking high quality biometric feature is the main concern. The latter one adopts fine-tuning strategy by using data with significant clothing change. However, the performance is compromised when it is applied to cases without clothing change. This work argues that these approaches in fact are not aware of clothing status (i.e., change or no-change) of a pedestrian. Instead, they blindly assume all footages of a pedestrian have different clothes. To tackle this issue, a Regularization via Clothing Status Awareness Network (RCSANet) is proposed to regularize descriptions of a pedestrian by embedding the clothing status awareness. Consequently, the description can be enhanced to maintain the best ID discriminative feature while improving its robustness to real-world LT-reID where both clothing-change case and no-clothing-change case exist. Experiments show that RCSANet performs reasonably well on three LT-reID datasets.

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