Topic Scene Graph Generation by Attention Distillation From Caption

Wenbin Wang, Ruiping Wang, Xilin Chen; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2021, pp. 15900-15910


If an image tells a story, the image caption is the briefest narrator. Generally, a scene graph prefers to be an omniscient "generalist", while the image caption is more willing to be a "specialist", which outlines the gist. Lots of previous studies have found that a scene graph is not as practical as expected unless it can reduce the trivial contents and noises. In this respect, the image caption is a good tutor. To this end, we let the scene graph borrow the ability from the image caption so that it can be a specialist on the basis of remaining all-around, resulting in the so-called Topic Scene Graph. What an image caption pays attention to is distilled and passed to the scene graph for estimating the importance of partial objects, relationships, and events. Specifically, during the caption generation, the attention about individual objects in each time step is collected, pooled, and assembled to obtain the attention about relationships, which serves as weak supervision for regularizing the estimated importance scores of relationships. In addition, as this attention distillation process provides an opportunity for combining the generation of image caption and scene graph together, we further transform the scene graph into linguistic form with rich and free-form expressions by sharing a single generation model with image caption. Experiments show that attention distillation brings significant improvements in mining important relationships without strong supervision, and the topic scene graph shows great potential in subsequent applications.

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