X-World: Accessibility, Vision, and Autonomy Meet

Jimuyang Zhang, Minglan Zheng, Matthew Boyd, Eshed Ohn-Bar; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2021, pp. 9762-9771


An important issue facing vision-based intelligent systems today is the lack of accessibility-aware development. A main reason for this issue is the absence of any large-scale, standardized vision benchmarks that incorporate relevant tasks and scenarios related to people with disabilities. This lack of representation hinders even preliminary analysis with respect to underlying pose, appearance, and occlusion characteristics of diverse pedestrians. What is the impact of significant occlusion from a wheelchair on instance segmentation quality? How can interaction with mobility aids, e.g., a long and narrow walking cane, be recognized robustly? To begin addressing such questions, we introduce X-World, an accessibility-centered development environment for vision-based autonomous systems. We tackle inherent data scarcity by leveraging a simulation environment to spawn dynamic agents with various mobility aids. The simulation supports generation of ample amounts of finely annotated, multi-modal data in a safe, cheap, and privacy-preserving manner. Our analysis highlights novel challenges introduced by our benchmark and tasks, as well as numerous opportunities for future developments. We further broaden our analysis using a complementary real-world evaluation benchmark of in-situ navigation by pedestrians with disabilities. Our contributions provide an initial step towards widespread deployment of vision-based agents that can perceive and model the interaction needs of diverse people with disabilities.

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