FedAffect: Few-Shot Federated Learning for Facial Expression Recognition

Debaditya Shome, Tejaswini Kar; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) Workshops, 2021, pp. 4168-4175


Annotation of large-scale facial expression datasets in the real world is a major challenge because of privacy concerns of the individuals due to which traditional supervised learning approaches won't scale. Moreover, training models on large curated datasets often leads to dataset bias which reduces generalizability for real world use. Federated learning is a recent paradigm for training models collaboratively with decentralized private data on user devices. In this paper, we propose a few-shot federated learning framework which utilizes few samples of labeled private facial expression data to train local models in each training round and aggregates all the local model weights in the central server to get a globally optimal model. In addition, as the user devices are a large source of unlabeled data, we design a federated learning based self-supervised method to disjointly update the feature extractor network on unlabeled private facial data in order to learn robust and diverse face representations. Experimental results by testing the globally trained model on benchmark datasets (FER-2013 and FERG) show comparable performance with state of the art centralized approaches. To the best of author's knowledge, this is the first work on few-shot federated learning for facial expression recognition.

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