EmoSet: A Large-scale Visual Emotion Dataset with Rich Attributes

Jingyuan Yang, Qirui Huang, Tingting Ding, Dani Lischinski, Danny Cohen-Or, Hui Huang; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2023, pp. 20383-20394


Visual Emotion Analysis (VEA) aims at predicting people's emotional responses to visual stimuli. This is a promising, yet challenging, task in affective computing, which has drawn increasing attention in recent years. Most of the existing work in this area focuses on feature design, while little attention has been paid to dataset construction. In this work, we introduce EmoSet, the first large-scale visual emotion dataset annotated with rich attributes, which is superior to existing datasets in four aspects: scale, annotation richness, diversity, and data balance. EmoSet comprises 3.3 million images in total, with 118,102 of these images carefully labeled by human annotators, making it five times larger than the largest existing dataset. EmoSet includes images from social networks, as well as artistic images, and it is well balanced between different emotion categories. Motivated by psychological studies, in addition to emotion category, each image is also annotated with a set of describable emotion attributes: brightness, colorfulness, scene type, object class, facial expression, and human action, which can help understand visual emotions in a precise and interpretable way. The relevance of these emotion attributes is validated by analyzing the correlations between them and visual emotion, as well as by designing an attribute module to help visual emotion recognition. We believe EmoSet will bring some key insights and encourage further research in visual emotion analysis and understanding. Project page: https://vcc.tech/EmoSet.

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