Weakly-Supervised Point Cloud Instance Segmentation With Geometric Priors

Heming Du, Xin Yu, Farookh Hussain, Mohammad Ali Armin, Lars Petersson, Weihao Li; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2023, pp. 4271-4280


This paper investigates how to leverage more readily acquired annotations, i.e., 3D bounding boxes instead of dense point-wise labels, for instance segmentation. We propose a Weakly-supervised point cloud Instance Segmentation framework with Geometric Priors (WISGP) that allows segmentation models to be trained with 3D bounding boxes of instances. Considering intersections among bounding boxes in a scene would result in ambiguous labels, we first group points into two sets, i.e., univocal and equivocal sets, indicating the certainty of a 3D point belonging to an instance, respectively. Specifically, 3D points with clear labels belong to the univocal set while the rest are grouped into the equivocal set. To assign reliable labels to points in the equivocal set, we design a Geometry-guided Label Propagation (GLP) scheme that progressively propagates labels to linked points based on geometric structure, e.g., polygon meshes and superpoints. Afterwards, we train an instance segmentation model with the univocal points and equivocal points labeled by GLP, and then employ it to assign pseudo labels for the remainder of the unlabeled points. Lastly, we retrain the model with all the labeled points to achieve better instance segmentation performance. Experiments on large-scale datasets ScanNet-v2 and S3DIS demonstrate that WISGP is superior to competing weakly-supervised algorithms and even on par with a few fully-supervised ones.

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