Generative Colorization of Structured Mobile Web Pages

Kotaro Kikuchi, Naoto Inoue, Mayu Otani, Edgar Simo-Serra, Kota Yamaguchi; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2023, pp. 3650-3659


Color is a critical design factor for web pages, affecting important factors such as viewer emotions and the overall trust and satisfaction of a website. Effective coloring requires design knowledge and expertise, but if this process could be automated through data-driven modeling, efficient exploration and alternative workflows would be possible. However, this direction remains underexplored due to the lack of a formalization of the web page colorization problem, datasets, and evaluation protocols. In this work, we propose a new dataset consisting of e-commerce mobile web pages in a tractable format, which are created by simplifying the pages and extracting canonical color styles with a common web browser. The web page colorization problem is then formalized as a task of estimating plausible color styles for a given web page content with a given hierarchical structure of the elements. We present several Transformer-based methods that are adapted to this task by prepending structural message passing to capture hierarchical relationships between elements. Experimental results, including a quantitative evaluation designed for this task, demonstrate the advantages of our methods over statistical and image colorization methods. The code is available at

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