TransPillars: Coarse-To-Fine Aggregation for Multi-Frame 3D Object Detection

Zhipeng Luo, Gongjie Zhang, Changqing Zhou, Tianrui Liu, Shijian Lu, Liang Pan; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2023, pp. 4230-4239


3D object detection using point clouds has attracted increasing attention due to its wide applications in autonomous driving and robotics. However, most existing studies focus on single point cloud frames without harnessing the temporal information in point cloud sequences. In this paper, we design TransPillars, a novel transformer-based feature aggregation technique that exploits temporal features of consecutive point cloud frames for multi-frame 3D object detection. TransPillars aggregates spatial-temporal point cloud features from two perspectives. First, it fuses voxel-level features directly from multi-frame feature maps instead of pooled instance features to preserve instance details with contextual information that are essential to accurate object localization. Second, it introduces a hierarchical coarse-to-fine strategy to fuse multi-scale features progressively to effectively capture the motion of moving objects and guide the aggregation of fine features. Besides, a variant of deformable transformer is introduced to improve the effectiveness of cross-frame feature matching. Extensive experiments show that our proposed TransPillars achieves state-of-art performance as compared to existing multi-frame detection approaches.

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