GolfDB: A Video Database for Golf Swing Sequencing

William McNally, Kanav Vats, Tyler Pinto, Chris Dulhanty, John McPhee, Alexander Wong; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshops, 2019, pp. 0-0


The golf swing is a complex movement requiring considerable full-body coordination to execute proficiently. As such, it is the subject of frequent scrutiny and extensive biomechanical analyses. In this paper, we introduce the notion of golf swing sequencing for detecting key events in the golf swing and facilitating golf swing analysis. To enable consistent evaluation of golf swing sequencing performance, we also introduce the benchmark database GolfDB, consisting of 1400 high-quality golf swing videos, each labeled with event frames, bounding box, player name and sex, club type, and view type. Furthermore, to act as a reference baseline for evaluating golf swing sequencing performance on GolfDB, we propose a lightweight deep neural network called SwingNet, which possesses a hybrid deep convolutional and recurrent neural network architecture. SwingNet correctly detects eight golf swing events at an average rate of 76.1%, and six out of eight events at a rate of 91.8%. In line with the proposed baseline SwingNet, we advocate the use of computationally efficient models in future research to promote in-the-field analysis via deployment on readily-available mobile devices.

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