Unsupervised 3D Pose Estimation With Geometric Self-Supervision

Ching-Hang Chen, Ambrish Tyagi, Amit Agrawal, Dylan Drover, Rohith MV, Stefan Stojanov, James M. Rehg; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2019, pp. 5714-5724


We present an unsupervised learning approach to re- cover 3D human pose from 2D skeletal joints extracted from a single image. Our method does not require any multi- view image data, 3D skeletons, correspondences between 2D-3D points, or use previously learned 3D priors during training. A lifting network accepts 2D landmarks as inputs and generates a corresponding 3D skeleton estimate. Dur- ing training, the recovered 3D skeleton is reprojected on random camera viewpoints to generate new 'synthetic' 2D poses. By lifting the synthetic 2D poses back to 3D and re-projecting them in the original camera view, we can de- fine self-consistency loss both in 3D and in 2D. The training can thus be self supervised by exploiting the geometric self- consistency of the lift-reproject-lift process. We show that self-consistency alone is not sufficient to generate realistic skeletons, however adding a 2D pose discriminator enables the lifter to output valid 3D poses. Additionally, to learn from 2D poses 'in the wild', we train an unsupervised 2D domain adapter network to allow for an expansion of 2D data. This improves results and demonstrates the useful- ness of 2D pose data for unsupervised 3D lifting. Results on Human3.6M dataset for 3D human pose estimation demon- strate that our approach improves upon the previous un- supervised methods by 30% and outperforms many weakly supervised approaches that explicitly use 3D data.

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