Deep Robust Subjective Visual Property Prediction in Crowdsourcing

Qianqian Xu, Zhiyong Yang, Yangbangyan Jiang, Xiaochun Cao, Qingming Huang, Yuan Yao; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2019, pp. 8993-9001


The problem of estimating subjective visual properties (SVP) of images (e.g., Shoes A is more comfortable than B) is gaining rising attention. Due to its highly subjective nature, different annotators often exhibit different interpretations of scales when adopting absolute value tests. Therefore, recent investigations turn to collect pairwise comparisons via crowdsourcing platforms. However, crowdsourcing data usually contains outliers. For this purpose, it is desired to develop a robust model for learning SVP from crowdsourced noisy annotations. In this paper, we construct a deep SVP prediction model which not only leads to better detection of annotation outliers but also enables learning with extremely sparse annotations. Specifically, we construct a comparison multi-graph based on the collected annotations, where different labeling results correspond to edges with different directions between two vertexes. Then, we propose a generalized deep probabilistic framework which consists of an SVP prediction module and an outlier modeling module that work collaboratively and are optimized jointly. Extensive experiments on various benchmark datasets demonstrate that our new approach guarantees promising results.

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