Spatial-Aware Graph Relation Network for Large-Scale Object Detection

Hang Xu, Chenhan Jiang, Xiaodan Liang, Zhenguo Li; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2019, pp. 9298-9307


How to proper encode high-order object relation in the detection system without any external knowledge? How to leverage the information between co-occurrence and locations of objects for better reasoning? These questions are key challenges towards large-scale object detection system that aims to recognize thousands of objects entangled with complex spatial and semantic relationships nowadays. Distilling key relations that may affect object recognition is crucially important since treating each region separately leads to a big performance drop when facing heavy long-tail data distributions and plenty of confusing categories. Recent works try to encode relation by constructing graphs, e.g. using handcraft linguistic knowledge between classes or implicitly learning a fully-connected graph between regions. However, the handcraft linguistic knowledge cannot be individualized for each image due to the semantic gap between linguistic and visual context while the fully-connected graph is inefficient and noisy by incorporating redundant and distracted relations/edges from irrelevant objects and backgrounds. In this work, we introduce a Spatial-aware Graph Relation Network (SGRN) to adaptive discover and incorporate key semantic and spatial relationships for reasoning over each object. Our method considers the relative location layouts and interactions among which can be easily injected into any detection pipelines to boost the performance. Specifically, our SGRN integrates a graph learner module for learning a interpatable sparse graph structure to encode relevant contextual regions and a spatial graph reasoning module with learnable spatial Gaussian kernels to perform graph inference with spatial awareness. Extensive experiments verify the effectiveness of our method, e.g. achieving around 32% improvement on VG(3000 classes) and 28% on ADE in terms of mAP.

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