Norm-Aware Embedding for Efficient Person Search

Di Chen, Shanshan Zhang, Jian Yang, Bernt Schiele; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2020, pp. 12615-12624


Person Search is a practically relevant task that aims to jointly solve Person Detection and Person Re-identification (re-ID). Specifically, it requires to find and locate all instances with the same identity as the query person in a set of panoramic gallery images. One major challenge comes from the contradictory goals of the two sub-tasks, i.e., person detection focuses on finding the commonness of all persons while person re-ID handles the differences among multiple identities. Therefore, it is crucial to reconcile the relationship between the two sub-tasks in a joint person search model. To this end, We present a novel approach called Norm-Aware Embedding to disentangle the person embedding into norm and angle for detection and re-ID respectively, allowing for both effective and efficient multi-task training. We further extend the proposal-level person embedding to pixel-level, whose discrimination ability is less affected by mis-alignment. We outperform other one-step methods by a large margin and achieve comparable performance to two-step methods on both CUHK-SYSU and PRW. Also, Our method is easy to train and resource-friendly, running at 12 fps on a single GPU.

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