Boosting the Transferability of Adversarial Samples via Attention

Weibin Wu, Yuxin Su, Xixian Chen, Shenglin Zhao, Irwin King, Michael R. Lyu, Yu-Wing Tai; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2020, pp. 1161-1170


The widespread deployment of deep models necessitates the assessment of model vulnerability in practice, especially for safety- and security-sensitive domains such as autonomous driving and medical diagnosis. Transfer-based attacks against image classifiers thus elicit mounting interest, where attackers are required to craft adversarial images based on local proxy models without the feedback information from remote target ones. However, under such a challenging but practical setup, the synthesized adversarial samples often achieve limited success due to overfitting to the local model employed. In this work, we propose a novel mechanism to alleviate the overfitting issue. It computes model attention over extracted features to regularize the search of adversarial examples, which prioritizes the corruption of critical features that are likely to be adopted by diverse architectures. Consequently, it can promote the transferability of resultant adversarial instances. Extensive experiments on ImageNet classifiers confirm the effectiveness of our strategy and its superiority to state-of-the-art benchmarks in both white-box and black-box settings.

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