FReeNet: Multi-Identity Face Reenactment

Jiangning Zhang, Xianfang Zeng, Mengmeng Wang, Yusu Pan, Liang Liu, Yong Liu, Yu Ding, Changjie Fan; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2020, pp. 5326-5335


This paper presents a novel multi-identity face reenactment framework, named FReeNet, to transfer facial expressions from an arbitrary source face to a target face with a shared model. The proposed FReeNet consists of two parts: Unified Landmark Converter (ULC) and Geometry-aware Generator (GAG). The ULC adopts an encode-decoder architecture to efficiently convert expression in a latent landmark space, which significantly narrows the gap of the face contour between source and target identities. The GAG leverages the converted landmark to reenact the photorealistic image with a reference image of the target person. Moreover, a new triplet perceptual loss is proposed to force the GAG module to learn appearance and geometry information simultaneously, which also enriches facial details of the reenacted images. Further experiments demonstrate the superiority of our approach for generating photorealistic and expression-alike faces, as well as the flexibility for transferring facial expressions between identities.

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