Spatio-Temporal Channel Correlation Networks for Action Classification

Ali Diba, Mohsen Fayyaz, Vivek Sharma, M. Mahdi Arzani, Rahman Yousefzadeh, Juergen Gall, Luc Van Gool; Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2018, pp. 284-299


The work in this paper is driven by the question if spatio-temporal correlations are enough for 3D convolutional neural networks (CNN)? Most of the traditional 3D networks use local spatio-temporal features. We introduce a new block that models correlations between channels of a 3D CNN with respect to temporal and spatial features. This new block can be added as a residual unit to different parts of 3D CNNs. We name our novel block 'Spatio-Temporal Channel Correlation' (STC). By embedding this block to the current state-of-the-art architectures such as ResNext and ResNet, we improve the performance by 2-3% on the Kinetics dataset. Our experiments show that adding STC blocks to current state-of-the-art architectures outperforms the state-of-the-art methods on the HMDB51, UCF101 and Kinetics datasets. The other issue in training 3D CNNs is about training them from scratch with a huge labeled dataset to get a reasonable performance. So the knowledge learned in 2D CNNs is completely ignored. Another contribution in this work is a simple and effective technique to transfer knowledge from a pre-trained 2D CNN to a randomly initialized 3D CNN for a stable weight initialization. This allows us to significantly reduce the number of training samples for 3D CNNs. Thus, by fine-tuning this network, we beat the performance of generic and recent methods in 3D CNNs, which were trained on large video datasets, e.g. Sports-1M, and fine-tuned on the target datasets, e.g. HMDB51/UCF101.

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