Generative Semantic Manipulation with Mask-Contrasting GAN

Xiaodan Liang, Hao Zhang, Liang Lin, Eric Xing ; Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2018, pp. 558-573


Despite the promising results on paired/unpaired image-to-image translation achieved by Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), prior works often only transfer the low-level information (e.g. color or texture changes), but fail to manipulate high-level semantic meanings (e.g., geometric structure or content) of different object regions. On the other hand, while some researches can synthesize compelling real-world images given a class label or caption, they cannot condition on arbitrary shapes or structures, which largely limits their application scenarios and interpretive capability of model results. In this work, we focus on a more challenging semantic manipulation task, aiming at modifying the semantic meaning of an object while preserving its own characteristics (e.g. viewpoints and shapes), such as cow$ ightarrow$sheep, motor$ ightarrow$ bicycle, cat$ ightarrow$dog. To tackle such large semantic changes, we introduce a contrasting GAN (contrast-GAN) with a novel adversarial contrasting objective which is able to perform all types of semantic translations with one category-conditional generator. Instead of directly making the synthesized samples close to target data as previous GANs did, our adversarial contrasting objective optimizes over the distance comparisons between samples, that is, enforcing the manipulated data be semantically closer to the real data with target category than the input data. Equipped with the new contrasting objective, a novel mask-conditional contrast-GAN architecture is proposed to enable disentangle image background with object semantic changes. Extensive qualitative and quantitative experiments on several semantic manipulation tasks on ImageNet and MSCOCO dataset show considerable performance gain by our contrast-GAN over other conditional GANs.

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