A Refined 3D Pose Dataset for Fine-Grained Object Categories

Yaming Wang, Xiao Tan, Yi Yang, Ziyu Li, Xiao Liu, Feng Zhou, Larry S. Davis; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2019, pp. 0-0


Most Existing 3D pose datasets of object categories are limited to generic object types and lack fine-grained information. In this work, we introduce a new large-scale dataset that consists of 409 fine-grained categories and 31,881 images with refined 3D pose annotation. Specifically, we augment three existing fine-grained object recognition datasets (StanfordCars, CompCars and FGVC-Aircraft) by finding a specific 3D model for each sub-category from ShapeNet and manually annotating each 2D image by adjusting a full set of 7 continuous perspective parameters. Since the fine-grained shapes allow the projection of 3D models to better fit the 2D images, we further improve the annotation quality by initializing from the human annotation and conducting local search of the pose parameters with the objective of maximizing the IoUs between the projected mask and the segmentation reference estimated from state-of-the-art segmentation networks. We provide a full statistics of the annotations with qualitative and quantitative comparisons suggesting that our dataset can be a complementary source for studying 3D pose estimation. The dataset can be downloaded at http://users.umiacs.umd.edu/ wym/3dpose.html.

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