Point-to-Point Video Generation

Tsun-Hsuan Wang, Yen-Chi Cheng, Chieh Hubert Lin, Hwann-Tzong Chen, Min Sun; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2019, pp. 10491-10500


While image synthesis achieves tremendous breakthroughs (e.g., generating realistic faces), video generation is less explored and harder to control, which limits its applications in the real world. For instance, video editing requires temporal coherence across multiple clips and thus poses both start and end constraints within a video sequence. We introduce point-to-point video generation that controls the generation process with two control points: the targeted start- and end-frames. The task is challenging since the model not only generates a smooth transition of frames but also plans ahead to ensure that the generated end-frame conforms to the targeted end-frame for videos of various lengths. We propose to maximize the modified variational lower bound of conditional data likelihood under a skip-frame training strategy. Our model can generate end-frame-consistent sequences without loss of quality and diversity. We evaluate our method through extensive experiments on Stochastic Moving MNIST, Weizmann Action, Human3.6M, and BAIR Robot Pushing under a series of scenarios. The qualitative results showcase the effectiveness and merits of point-to-point generation.

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