Pose Guided Gated Fusion for Person Re-identification

Amran Bhuiyan, Yang Liu, Parthipan Siva, Mehrsan Javan, Ismail Ben Ayed, Eric Granger; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2020, pp. 2675-2684


Person re-identification is an important yet challenging problem in visual recognition. Despite the recent advances with deep learning (DL) models for spatio-temporal and multi-modal fusion, re-identification approaches often fail to leverage the contextual information (e.g., pose and illu- mination) to dynamically select the most discriminant con- volutional filters (i.e., appearance features) for feature rep- resentation and inference. State-of-the-art techniques for gated fusion employ complex dedicated part- or attention- based architectures for late fusion, and do not incorpo- rate pose and appearance information to train the back- bone network. In this paper, a new DL model is proposed for pose-guided re-identification, comprised of a deep back- bone, pose estimation, and gated fusion network. Given a query image of an individual, the backbone convolutional NN produces a feature embedding required for pair-wise matching with embeddings for reference images, where fea- ture maps from the pose network and from mid-level CNN layers are combined by the gated fusion network to gen- erate pose-guided gating. The proposed framework al- lows to dynamically activate the most discriminant CNN filters based on pose information in order to perform a finer grained recognition. Extensive experiments on three challenging benchmark datasets indicate that integrating the pose-guided gated fusion into the state-of-the-art re- identification backbone architecture allows to improve their recognition accuracy. Experimental results also support our intuition on the advantages of gating backbone appear- ance information using the pose feature maps at mid-level CNN layers.

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