Simultaneous Active Learning of Classifiers & Attributes via Relative Feedback

Arijit Biswas, Devi Parikh; Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2013, pp. 644-651


Active learning provides useful tools to reduce annotation costs without compromising classifier performance. However it traditionally views the supervisor simply as a labeling machine. Recently a new interactive learning paradigm was introduced that allows the supervisor to additionally convey useful domain knowledge using attributes. The learner first conveys its belief about an actively chosen image e.g. "I think this is a forest, what do you think?". If the learner is wrong, the supervisor provides an explanation e.g. "No, this is too open to be a forest". With access to a pre-trained set of relative attribute predictors, the learner fetches all unlabeled images more open than the query image, and uses them as negative examples of forests to update its classifier. This rich human-machine communication leads to better classification performance. In this work, we propose three improvements over this set-up. First, we incorporate a weighting scheme that instead of making a hard decision reasons about the likelihood of an image being a negative example. Second, we do away with pre-trained attributes and instead learn the attribute models on the fly, alleviating overhead and restrictions of a pre-determined attribute vocabulary. Finally, we propose an active learning framework that accounts for not just the labelbut also the attributes-based feedback while selecting the next query image. We demonstrate significant improvement in classification accuracy on faces and shoes. We also collect and make available the largest relative attributes dataset containing 29 attributes of faces from 60 categories.

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