Evaluation of Color STIPs for Human Action Recognition

Ivo Everts, Jan C. van Gemert, Theo Gevers; Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2013, pp. 2850-2857


This paper is concerned with recognizing realistic human actions in videos based on spatio-temporal interest points (STIPs). Existing STIP-based action recognition approaches operate on intensity representations of the image data. Because of this, these approaches are sensitive to disturbing photometric phenomena such as highlights and shadows. Moreover, valuable information is neglected by discarding chromaticity from the photometric representation. These issues are addressed by Color STIPs. Color STIPs are multi-channel reformulations of existing intensity-based STIP detectors and descriptors, for which we consider a number of chromatic representations derived from the opponent color space. This enhanced modeling of appearance improves the quality of subsequent STIP detection and description. Color STIPs are shown to substantially outperform their intensity-based counterparts on the challenging UCF sports, UCF11 and UCF50 action recognition benchmarks. Moreover, the results show that color STIPs are currently the single best low-level feature choice for STIP-based approaches to human action recognition.

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